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Getting started blogging - a nice article

Here are some great examples of students blogging:
  1. - Mark Ahlness' class of third graders at *classblogmeister - site for teacher-previewed postings
    1. Instructions on getting started on classblogmeister
    2. *This video (right) does a great job in showing you how to set up a class blog at Classblogmeister
  2. Room 613 Student Blogs - a learnerblogs example. Mr Hetherington's class
    1. Getting started on edublogs (videos)
  3. Ms Anne Smith's 9th grade class - another class blog. Ninth graders. VERY good!
    1. another 9th grade class
    2. Check out these comments from the students
  4. Learning and Laptops - Anne Smith's Blog.
  5. GoAPES - The AP Environmental Science blog (Teacher posts, students comment)
  6. Mabry Online - the entire school blogs !
  8. The motherlode of blogs list- if you can't find one here then ... well... you'll NEVER find one

College Professor Blogs


Blog Tools

  1. classblogmeister - David Warlick's site. Provides blogs for students. Allows teacher moderation
  2. Edublogs - also very good
  3. 21classes - a newcomer. Also allows for teacher moderation
  4. epals - also gives student email accounts, and more. Check it out! You can even find classrooms around the world to partner with
  5. Blogger - from Google. This is what Anne Smith used (