Must-see Videos

(What do all these videos have in common?)

World Perspectives

Shift Happens - This one got the conversation started
The World is Flat - Thomas Friedman's talk at MIT. WATCH THIS!!
Are You Paying Attention? - an eyeopener
Education is preparation for.. - a video by Kristen Hokansen
The Machine is Us/ing Us - VERY cool!
More here
Why Let Our Students Blog? - The title says it all
When I Grow Up - What will the world be like?
"When I become a teacher" - another must-see
Why Teach Technology? - er... shouldn't that be, "Why teach WITH technology?"
Some perspective - Look what's going on in Dubai. When each segments ends you can click again to continue the story


Skype in the Classroom - It has a happy ending
Amanda's story - you'll never look at autism the same way
For Teachers - For those who inspire - watch this and be proud again
Ted Talks - THE BEST videos of THE BEST speakers in the world! (Sir Kenneth Robinson) (Watch this one!)
Closing Keynote from NECC - Dr Tim Tyson
The Animal School - Click the blue rectangle
Anti-Bullying video - WATCH THIS!


Copyright and Fair Use - very cute!
Privacy vs Facebook - if you know someone with a facebook account, send this to them
Creative Commons video - this