Berlin Wall Scavenger Hunt


Click on the links below to answer the questions about the Berlin Wall

Building the Berlin Wall
1. When was the wall built?
2. When did the wall come down?
3. What is the average height of the wall?
4. What was the name of the border crossing points?
5. What was printed on the sign at Checkpoint Charlie?
6. What was the official name of East Germany?

History of the Berlin Wall with photos
7. Before the wall was built, how many refugees from East Germany entered West Germany?
8. What did the East German Head of State and party declare to the press in June of 1961?
9. What did the East German police do on August 14, 1961?
10. When did JFK visit West Berlin?
11. Why were piped shaped elements placed on top of the concrete segments?
12. How many watchtowers were located on the wall?
13. How many border guards were used?
14. Who mistakenly announced the opening of the checkpoints?
15. What happened to the pieces of the wall once it was torn down?

The personal side (Start with "Building the Wall")
16. What did West Germans call the wall?
17. How was the Berlin Wall different from most walls built throughout history?
18. Name two "creative ways" people used to escape from East Germany into West Germany.
19. How did news of the West reach East Germany?
20. Why did the wall look different in East Berlin?