At the end of Chapter 21, students should understand the following concepts:

  • The changes in American foreign policy necessitated by the new perception of the world as multipolar, particularly with regards to China and Russia.
  • The reasons for the decline in the American economy in the early 1970s and President Nixon's reaction to the decline.
  • The evolution of Watergate from a obscure hotel break-in to the first presidential resignation in American history.
  • The contentious domestic issues affecting the "custodianship" of President Gerald Ford
  • The rapid emergence of Jimmy Carter as a national figure and the reasons for his victory in 1976.
  • Carter's emphasis on human rights and its effects on international relations.
  • Carter's role in bringing about the Camp David agreement, and his failure to extricate the hostages from Iran

Check out the great video resource regarding the Watergate Scandal offered by National Geographic.


Use the following Quizlet link to improve your understanding of the Chapter 21.

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