Web 2.0 websites allow the user to do more than just retrieve information. They can provide "Network as platform" computing, allowing users to run software applications entirely through a browser.[10] Users can own the data on a Web 2.0 site and exercise control over that data.[11][10] These sites may have an "Architecture of participation" that encourages users to add value to the application as they use it.[10][2] This stands in sharp contrast to traditional websites which limit visitors to viewing and whose content can only be modified by the site's owner. Web 2.0 sites often feature a rich, user-friendly interface based on Ajax[10][2], Flex or similar rich media. The sites may also have social-networking aspects.[11][10]

Here is a splashcastmedia example

Splashcast allows you to create WONDERFUL presentations that include sound, text, images, and more. Make it, edit it, then grab the code and put it on your site - just like this.

  • Flickr - possibly the BEST photo sharing site on the web. Tons of mashups with it, too
  • Slideshare - turn your powerpoints into flash and grab the code (See sample below)
  • Asterpix - create interactive presentations and embed them. Nice! Easy, too. Likely to be blocked at school
  • Slide - another cool flickr mashup with
  • code for your webpage (See example below)
    • Imageloop - another very good choic
    • Bubbleshare - no mashup but you can still upload pics and embed the slideshow
  • VuVox - see sample below. This is a TON of fun!
  • Letterpop - a VERY cool Flickr mashup to make VERY cool newsletters - an example
  • - another great brainstorming tool
  • sPresent - makes powerpoint-like displays for your web page
  • Skype - free voice and video over IP. Lots of add-ons, too A GREAT Skype example
    • Gizmo - an alternative to Skype. You can get free computer-to-phone calls, too!
  • Spell with Google Maps - an example- and here
  • Voicethread - see this example
  • Story tools - a very nice colleciton of sites for slideshows, etc
  • Timeline - create a timeline automatically with an rss feed

  • CiteBite - creates links DIRECTLY to selected text on a page. Very nice tool. An example
  • Digg - social bookmarking with a twist.
  • FlashEarth - you say Google Earth isn't on your computers? Try this!
  • - social bookmarking. Let the WORLD find good sites for you!
  • Gapminder - AMAZING data visualization tool - The site
  • Gabcast - phone in your audio files right to your blog!
  • Jott -allows you to phone yourself, groups of people and have it sent to email or text msg.